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Kaylie & James | McAlester, Oklahoma | October 2018


Kaylie and James were wed this last Saturday. They got married at High Hill Baptist Church, and their reception was at Kaylie’s grandfather’s barn that he recently built. You guys, this day couldn’t have been any more dreamy! I knew it was going to be a fantastic wedding when I woke up and saw that the sun was going to be shining down on us the whole day!



I ran around like crazy first going to the barn to capture details, then off to the church, and finally back to the hotel where everyone was staying and getting ready. It was so refreshing to see how laid back everybody was, but you could also see how excited they were for the events that were going to happen later that day. Kaylie decided to not do a first look with James, but opted to do a first look with her father. It was such a sweet moment, and I love doing first looks with bride’s fathers! A lot of the time I’m already capturing the wedding processional when the bride and her father see each other for the first time, so this gives me time to be able to capture that moment!


After we got done taking first look pictures, it was almost wedding time! So we all hopped in our cars and rushed to the church! This church photographs like a dream! Clean white walls always make my soul happy, so when I saw that’s what was inside this church I knew that we would get some amazing pictures! They stood together, gazing into each others eyes as the ceremony started. The preacher said such sweet things about this couple, and the previous preacher who had originally met Kaylie and James even made an appearance to speak during the ceremony. His words about their dedication to Christ and how great of a couple Kaylie and James are would make anybody tear up! In addition to speaking about the love that they share he made a quick note about the reason why there were only two groomsmen when there were three bridesmaids. Jame’s uncle was his best man even though he is no longer with us. This was similar to the missing man table that is set up during military dining functions. They set up this table to honor the people that were lost and no longer with them, this is exactly what James was doing. Honoring his uncle that passed on before he was able to see this moment. This was such a moving story and moment. Kaylie and James then said their vows, exchanged rings, and sealed the deal with a kiss. Then, as they walked down the aisle, you could just see pure joy radiating off of their faces! It was an astonishing sight to see, to say the least!



Across the street from the church there is a small field with houses on one side and the fire department on the other. As I was driving between locations prior to the wedding I just knew that that’s where we needed to take formal pictures!  When we walked up to the spot and started gathering family members for pictures, I knew I was right. This spot was absolutely perfect, and that sunny day I was so happy about did not disappoint!


Lastly, we arrived at their reception which could not have been anymore perfect. I have to stop and brag on Kaylie and James here for a minute. I have never seen this done at any of my prior weddings, but recently engaged couples take note!.. Kaylie and James added into their reception timeline 30 minutes for everybody to get their pictures taken with the bride and groom and had this on the timeline that was out for everybody to see. It was such a great addition and  such a great way to make sure everybody who wants to grab a quick professional picture with the bride and groom is able to do so! Okay, now back to their reception… It was such a sweet and intimate reception. The barn was completely filled with Kaylie and James family and friends. There were toasts, first dances, and even a live band! I think Kaylie and James did such a great job at planning all of this because everything just flowed together so seamlessly!

Kaylie and James, thank you so much for letting me capture these moments for you! I have so many amazing pictures that will be in your gallery, but for now I had to stop at around over 40 pictures! I hope you guys love them!

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