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Tabitha & Jared | The Flour Mill | McKinney, Texas | November 2018

Fair warning to everybody that’s reading this, I had so many favorite pictures from this wedding that it was super hard to narrow it down to a reasonable amount for a blog. You will have to scroll through 70 pictures in order to read all of the blog, but I swear it’s worth it as each and every picture is absolutely perfect!


Well, now that we got that disclosure out of the way, let’s talk about this gorgeous wedding!


Tabitha and Jared got married this last Saturday at The Flour Mill in McKinney, Texas. It was a pretty chilly day, but I don’t think it could have been any more perfect. I was super excited when I arrived to start on getting the detail shots right away while all the girls were still getting their hair and makeup done. This place is a photographers dream! Seriously, I could not get enough of this place and probably could have spent hours just taking pictures of the venue.



There were so many sentimental moments happening as everybody was getting ready. Tabitha’s mom helped her into her dress, Jared’s father helped him put his grandfather’s cuff links on, and Tabitha did a first look with her father. These were all such sweet moments that I got to capture, but what happened after this is what really got to me.

I was talking with Tabitha’s father right before the ceremony and he asked to see some of the pictures from the sneak peek.  I agreed and started to scroll through them, I’m smiling as I get excited to see my pictures and how they’re turning out. I look up from the camera to see her dad taking off his glasses to wipe the tears from his eyes. I wanted to just hug him and cry with him. It was a moment I won’t forget!



Right before the ceremony, Jared’s sister informed me that when she was going to do a special handshake with Jared as she walked up, and I knew I had to capture the moment! It definitely made friends and family in the audience chuckle, and showed the bond that this brother and sister share. After all the laughter died down, it got quiet. There was music on, but I know Jared was focusing on the fact that Tabitha was about to walk through the door. He didn’t cry, but as soon as Tabitha walked in there was this look that he had. It was the look of being calm, comforted, and pure joy. It’s like all the pre-wedding jitters just left him as Tabitha approached him. Tabitha walked in by her step dad, and half way she met with her father and walked the rest of the way to Jared. The ceremony was gorgeous, and the preacher had so many kind things to say about the couple. Their vows would have brought tears to anybody’s eyes, and they did! I think I quickly looked around the room and saw some glistening eyes and heard some sniffles. After their first kiss, I knew they were going to stop half way for me to get a shot of them with everybody behind them. Instead of just getting a picture of them stopped there, I also grabbed a picture of them taking a selfie. I guess Jared couldn’t resist having to jump in and take a picture of him and his beautiful wife.



Right as the ceremony was wrapping up and everybody was walking out for pictures, the sun was setting. I knew that I had to be quick with bridal party pictures, and was thankful that we got some of those taken care of before the ceremony. Without doing a first look with Tabitha and Jared, we had to wait for the full bridal party pictures until afterwards. We all ran outside and quickly got wedding party pictures and then I captured some sweet portraits of Tabitha and Jared. We were out there until it was pretty much dark outside. It was worth it though because we got some amazing shots, it didn’t take too long (Jared thanked me for that one), and now we can go celebrate this new union!


The night started with the couple going back to the getting ready room and having a quiet moment to grab a few bites to eat, then straight to visiting with all their family and friends. These people, you guys. I don’t think I’ve seen a better group of dancers, and I’ve been to A LOT of weddings. During the reception there were toasts, first dances, garter/bouquet toss, and then the end of the night finished differently than any other wedding I’ve been to. As all the guests were heading outside for the glow stick send off, Tabitha and Jared had one last private dance. I have to say this was probably one of my favorite parts of the night. The emotions that I saw from these two, and the passion that just poured out of them as they danced to Heaven by Kane Brown. I don’t know how else to describe it except for breathtaking.



Tabitha and Jared, I cannot begin to explain the gratitude I have to you guys for hiring me and the joy I got out of capturing these moments for you guys. It was a wedding for the books!


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  1. George & Betsy Howard says:

    The night was perfect as are the pictures that are shared. As Jared stated it just brings back the whole evening. Thank you for sharing.
    George and Betsy Howard

  2. Justin says:

    These pics are stunning !

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