Why it’s so important to do an engagement session with your wedding photographer!

Hey guys, I know I said I was going to try to keep up with blogging..
but… with my last blog post being on October 3rd we can all guess how good of a job I did at keeping up with it.
Anyways, I’m here now!.. and with some really important and useful information for all of you lovely newly engaged people out there! So let’s get to it!
Why is it important to do an engagement session with your wedding photographer?
Whether you’ve hired the photographer whose posts you’ve been stalking for years, or a new photographer you just recently heard of, it is very important to find someone you mesh well with.
I feel like an in person meeting helps with this a lot when you’re initially discussing hiring a photographer (I’m always down for a cup of coffee or tea, by the way), but this will only start to show you their character and if your personalities mesh well with each other.
This is a great start!.. and I’m glad you are getting along well with your wedding photographer, but have you ever worked with your best friend and you just weren’t feeling it? You absolutely love and adore this person and their personality, but you just can’t stand working with them? This might happen with your wedding photographer..
I’m over here crossing my fingers and toes that this never happens to you, but THIS is why it’s so important to just go ahead and do an engagement session with them as well.. you know.. besides the really obvious fact that you need AWESOME engagement pictures for your walls, save the dates, invitations, and pictures around the reception.
During an engagement session you will really get to see your photographer at work, you’ll create a more personal and working relationship with them, and you’ll be able to see if they fit what you’re needing for a photographer on your big day!
With so many different styles of posing, lighting, editing, etc. you really need to prep yourself for your big day, because this is YOUR day and it only happens once!
I have had couples come to me either wanting their wedding portraits redone because they had nothing they were in love with from their big day to hang on their wall, or couples who already had an engagement session done previously by another photographer that they just weren’t in love with. I promise people, this does happen and I really just don’t want it to happen to YOU! So please please PLEASE try to squeeze an engagement session into your wedding budget!! I promise it’ll be something you won’t regret and might even thank me for later!
(the pictures in this blog are some of my AWESOME couples whose engagement and wedding pictures I took. Aren’t they the cutest?!)
Let me know if this blog helped you with choosing whether or not to to an en
gagement session as well!
Happy Engagement Season and Happy Holidays! I’m now booking 2018 weddings and engagement sessions, just simply go to my contact page for more info!
With love,
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Sierra Ellis is a Tulsa, Oklahoma photographer specializing in capturing weddings worldwide with vibrant, editorial imagery

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