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I know given the history of this blog, you are probably expecting a post about engagement photos here – but no! This is all about me, and it’s true. I’m engaged!

Bryan and I have been together for five years, but we have known each other for eleven. We had a big trip to New York City planned so we could finally meet a friend of mine. Prime time to propose, right? Well… after Bryan nonchalantly asked what kind of rings I liked, I quickly saw that there was no way any of the rings I liked would be able to get here in time for our trip, so I laid any expectation of a proposal to rest before we left.

On Sunday, we were tourists extraordinaire. Along with my friend, we went to Grand Central Station, Times Square, the New York Public Library, and Bryant Park first. We then found our way to The Rockefeller Center and journeyed up to the very top, seventy stories high. While we were walking around, my friend said that she wanted to go up higher to take some ‘touristy’ photos of us, which was fitting. When she was gone, Bryan got down on one knee.

You’re thinking I probably burst into tears of joy right then, yes? Nope. He has pretended to propose a few times in the past, so I totally didn’t believe him! After a few minutes of convincing me, though, I realized that he wasn’t joking and said the most sure ‘yes’ of my life. It was such a perfect moment, being able to look over the whole city – and the photos that my friend snuck are such a treasure! I am still impressed and surprised that he was able to keep it such a secret from me.

So how did he get the ring there after all, you ask? He didn’t! He had to use a filler ring for the proposal. The ring was supposed to be delivered to my friend’s place the day before, but since no one was there to sign for it we had to go pick it up at the post office on Monday. This is so perfect for us, though, because for our one year anniversary Bryan got me a promise ring that took 2 months to arrive and totally missed the anniversary. I guess that’s our ‘thing’ now! I’ll take it though, because did you see the ring that he chose?! I am one lucky woman. It is stunning, if I do say so myself.

The ring being a day late to the party wasn’t a huge issue because we had already planned on couples pictures in Boscobel the next day. So, I wasn’t too upset to get all dressed up to show off my new sparkly ring!

You guys. I am so excited to plan my wedding! Walking through this special time with all of my client couples has been such an integral part of deciding what I want for our wedding, and it is so fun to be on this side for now!

I would love to read all of your proposal stories as well. Drop them in the comments below!


Sierra Ellis is a Tulsa, Oklahoma photographer specializing in capturing weddings worldwide with vibrant, editorial imagery

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