April & Travis | Willow Creek Mansion | Tulsa, Oklahoma | June 2018

You all know by now that I love all of my wedding couples and feel like we share something special by the time they are headed off on their honeymoon. The amount of time I get to spend with them and the magnitude of what they are going through while I document their moves just inherently brings about a feeling of intimacy that I really treasure!





That said, every once in a while I meet a bride with whom I just click. April and I were this way! We couldn’t stay on topic when we were doing our consultations – we would ping pong from wedding decor suggestions to Netflix recommendations like it was our job, so I was really excited to capture their big day.





April and Travis tied the knot at the beautiful Willow Creek Mansion in Tulsa. It was a hot evening, but that didn’t put a damper on the joy of the occasion! After getting ready with her gorgeous bridal party, April did a first look with her dad. It was just a glimpse into the fun relationship that they have! Before we got him in position to shoot the first look, he was practicing his surprised look so he would be ready. He was hilarious! After their first look, April gifted her father with an embroidered handkerchief to hold as he walked her to her new forever. It was a really special moment.





The ceremony was so gorgeous. The men looked amazing in grey suits (including Travis’s son, who was a groomsman), and the bridesmaids were in the most stunning shade of blush. To top it off, the flower girls (including April’s daughter and Travis’s daughter) had adorable dresses with gold sequins on top and flowy white skirts. April walked down the aisle in a classic strapless gown that had an intricate corset back that highlighted her beauty. All together it was the perfect effect!





So funny story – leading up to the wedding, Travis had talked lot about how excited he was to dip April as they sealed their vows with a kiss, and I was totally set to document the big moment. When the time came, something went awry. Travis lost his footing, and April was definitely hanging in the lurch for a second! Travis quickly regained composure though and the completed their dip. I am taking it as a sign of how well they work together! I love a couple that can laugh at the things that don’t go exactly as planned (and there are always things that don’t go as planned!) and April and Travis are definitely that kind of couple.




At the end of the ceremony, I saw Travis hugging his little girl and giving her a kiss on the forehead. She was crying because the ceremony had been so beautiful and she was so happy. It was such a special moment, and I totally was feeling the same warm fuzzies that she was.





Throughout the wedding and reception there were hues of blush, gold, grey and tons of huge white hydrangeas that just lent to the romantic and elegant feel. When it was time for the first dances, April and her father had a surprise up their sleeves and did a totally amazing choreographed dance. I had no idea it was coming, and neither did anyone else! It started as them dancing to the typical first dance music and then it cut to Michael Jackson’s Thriller and continued to change songs and dance types (including Apache’s Jump On It – to give you an idea) and it was the best thing I’ve ever seen at a wedding. I was in shock and just soooooo delighted!! When it was over and it was time for Travis and his mom to share a dance, I heard him say to April “How am I supposed to follow that?!” and I couldn’t blame him!




It was a wonderful day, and I’m now #teamAprilandTravis for life. Thanks for letting me share your big day, you guys. It was such a gift.




Sierra Ellis is a Tulsa, Oklahoma photographer specializing in capturing weddings worldwide with vibrant, editorial imagery

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