Christine & Greg | May 2018 | Rockwall Harbor | Rockwall, Texas

Almost a year ago, I had the joy, honor, and pleasure of covertly following Greg and Christine around Rockwall Texas right before Greg surprised Christine with a proposal. This gorgeous couple is from Maryland, but fell in love with Rockwall. On the engagement, Christine says she had no idea but she did get a bit suspicious when she noticed my boyfriend and second shooter, Bryan, and myself walking behind them with our cameras. I guess we could use a lesson on sneakiness!

Here Bryan and I found ourselves in Texas again, a year later, coming full circle to celebrate their nuptials. I think it will be clear throughout these images and this post, but I’m just going to spell it out for you. I loved being a part of Greg and Christine’s day. The intimacy of the group, the beauty in simplicity of the gorgeous scenery, and the obvious love shared between not only the bride and her groom, but their entire families just made this day one that will be etched in my heart for good. I cannot put into words how amazing their special day was, nor how touched I was to be a part of it. Now for the details!

There were six attendees at the wedding, which took place on a sunny, warm, breezy day at the Rockwall Harbor. The bride wore a gorgeous gown in blush, and the groom was dashing in all black attire, accented with his grandfathers dog tags.  Greg’s parents and his sister, and Christine’s parents and her brother were the honored guests. They all got a front row seat to see the happy couple promise their forever to one another. The whole gathering felt warm and special, as though these eight together truly understand what it means to transition into one family. Greg and Christine had decided to forego the traditional big wedding ceremony for an intimate elopement and I wholeheartedly believe they made the right decision. Based on the applause after their first kiss by bystanders who happened upon the wedding, I wasn’t the only one who was touched by their ceremony!

After the ceremony, they started their cozy dinner by going around the table and toasting the newly married couple over champagne. The bride and groom thanked their families for being there for them on this important day and all of those that had come before. Together the sentiments were of joy and acceptance of their newer, larger family circle. Greg shared that he had always wanted a brother, which now he has, and Christine that she had always hoped for a sister, which she now also can claim. A few specific moments really stuck out to me though, that were just so dear.

The bride’s mother, who had been cool, calm and collected all day, broke up a bit as she shared her heart with her girl and her new son, which was just so endearing and heartfelt. Similarly, Christine held her emotions in check until her brother began his tribute, stating that he admires Greg and Christine’s pure love, and that he sees a side of his sister now that she has Greg in her life that he had never seen before. The groom’s father brought a bit of levity back to the table when he toasted that the couple will have some ‘badass, beautiful’ children some day – a throwback to a comment someone said to them in years past. Finally, they enjoyed a dinner that looked simply scrumptious.

Greg + Christine. Thank you again, for allowing me to come into the fold of your family for this momentous occasion. I am so grateful.

For any brides or grooms reading this, just a shout out that not only do I travel for shoots, I truly love it! There is something about getting to see my clients away from their hometowns and on vacation mode that adds an element of ease and genuineness to the event. Please feel free to contact me with any questions about destination locations!

Sierra Ellis is a Tulsa, Oklahoma photographer specializing in capturing weddings worldwide with vibrant, editorial imagery

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